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Joe had been working with Bell Florist in Sacramento and heard of a shop for sale in the small town of Dixon.  He and Jean took a drive and immediately fell in love with the town.  In 1962 the shop originally was located in a small building across the street from its current location.  In 1964 they purchased an empty lot and started construction on the building we know of today as Dixon Florist and Gift Shop.  Joe and Jean were always creative, they designed the building as well as the current logo.  Joe and Jean ran the florist shop alongside each other, and to them it was much more than a small business.  It was a connection to the people of Dixon.  The shop allowed them to be an integral part of the community and acted as the fabric that tied them to people in town.  Whether it was the celebration of marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of babies, showing sympathy for people’s loved ones, they shared in everyone’s celebrations, blessings, and hardships.  Joe and Jean raised all four of their children, Scott, Melissa, Courtney and Dana, in the shop.  The children grew up helping Joe and Jean with anything they would throw at them.  The kids always say, “They never went anywhere without a wet lap” because they would have to hold the floral for the deliveries.  They always went to places where the deliveries needed to go.  Along with raising in the kids in the shop, Joe and Jean also had a telephone ring at the house so they could take orders at all times.   Many people say that you kids learn everything they need to know in kindergarten but Joe and Jean’s kids learned everything they needed to know in the florist.  Today Dixon Florist runs the same as it did 54 years ago.  They still hand write every order with care, still hand pick the floral from the San Francisco flower market every week, and the grandchildren from every daughter are now being raised in the shop.  Dixon Florist is a family business through and through with integrity, commitment and honesty.  Just like Joe and Jean did back then, today the shop is open six days a week and delivers to Dixon, Davis, Winters, Woodland, and Vacaville. 

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